Western Kentucky Film Festival (WKFF) is an educational event connecting regional filmmakers with new audiences.  Through its screenings and educational programs, WKFF strives to connect both emerging and established artists with the community in a celebration of cinema in all its forms.


Founded in 1995 by Western Kentucky University professor Corey Lash, WKFF (formerly “Western Film Festival”) has always been a collaboration between Western Kentucky University and the Bowling Green community. Originally a two-day event, the festival now spans five days of screenings and workshops, featuring narrative and documentary films, as well as music videos, animation, and experimental films. The celebration culminates in an award ceremony honoring the festival’s top films and filmmakers.

Past Screenings

Beautiful Jim (Rex Jones), Frames (Bradon Colvin), Nashville Rises (Zac Adams), Clancy (Jefferson Moore), Uncounted (David Earnhardt), Keep Your Distance (Stu Pollard), Trudell (Elyse Katz), Stranger (Scott Cromwell), The Greatest Adventure of My Life (Dorian Walker), The Blair Witch Project (Gregg Hale)

Past Guests

Lexi Alexander (Punisher: War Zone, Green Street Hooligans), Kat Candler (Hellion), Rob and Deb Spera (Army WivesCriminal MindsReaper), David Stickler (Jurassic WorldGuardians of the Galaxy), Hunter Curry and Drew Ingram (Outrider Studios)