Hit Men

HitMenWKUWestern Kentucky Film Festival is proud to present Hit Men

Thursday, April 28th at 7:30 PM in Mass Media Auditorium

Synopsis: “A Beckettian-tinged examination of Hollywood, artistry, and ownership concerning a drug-addled writer and his ex-boyfriend who, with prodding from their image obsessed manager, reluctantly agree to pen the next hit song for a teen ‘it’ girl – whom they hate – in order to get their pet project produced.”


UNRATED – 88 MIN – HD – 2016


Happy Anderson (Cinemax The Knick, Quarryand co-starring in The Comedian with Robert DeNiro)
Ira Amyx (Showtime Shameless and Chicago P.D.)
Renna Nightingale (SXSW Hello, My Name is Doris with Sally Field)


The writer/director, Luke Pennington, will present the film and host a Q&A afterwards.